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What is the Best Style to Trade Forex? | Forex Profits Strategies

What is the Best Style to Trade Forex?

One of the initial questions a new Forex trader would likely throw at a professional one: What is the best style to trade Forex? This is perhaps the one topic in Forex trading that has the most articles written about it, and it is pretty much expected. Anyone who ventures into the currency market definitely wants to do things the right way and thus get a happy ending. The only problem is the screaming truth that there is only one answer to the posted question: No style whatsoever is best.

Come to think of it, if there is such thing as a best style in Forex trading, chances are the industry of trading foreign currencies would not even have existed. Everyone would use that number one strategy, and since all traders are proceeding with their investments exactly the same way, no trade could be made in the first place. Trading is like a competitive game, and just like any game, there is no way it could start when everyone is on the same team! Furthermore, each person is different, and so requires an equally different style. Even though a style is proven to be really profitable, it still depends on the trader.

Some prefer day trading, while others like scalping. Hence, if you are still bent on getting your hands on the ‘best’ trading style that works for all, you could stop now. A better idea is to look for the style that is best for you, because the style you are most comfortable with and which perfectly fits your personality is the one that will prove to be most effective.

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