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Texas Quickbooks Help And Accounts Receivable Issues

Whether you are a bookkeeper or own a business, having a good accounting program to keep track of your finances is a must. With all of the financial and legal requirements in today’s business world Quickbooks allows

How To Choose A Clinical Accounts Receivable Professional

When contemplating how to decide on a medical payment practitioner, you will need to consider the skills and skills of the great one. If you know what you are trying to find, creating the right choice as

What Is Accounts Receivable

Working in accounts receivable can be an interesting and rewarding profession. While accounting work often gets a bad rap, often stereotyped with the introverted, bean counter type personality, there is plenty of room in accounts receivable work

How to Factor Accounts Receivable For Business Funding

When a company needs cash but doesn’t want to borrow money they often turn to Accounts Receivable Funding, also known as Factoring.  Rather than a bank loan, the business sells the right to receive payment on outstanding

Medical Accounts Receivable

Accounting is a facet of hospital offices that helps to keep the company running. Medical accounts receivable or so called MAR’s is a fancy way of saying obtaining the money that’s owed to the office. Anyone who’s