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Forex Trader Pro Review – New Forex Educational Course | Forex Profits Strategies

Forex Trader Pro Review – New Forex Educational Course

‘Forex’ Joe Atkins – a Forex Trading visionary who has made a veritable fortune with his uncanny ability to predict Forex market moves is about to reveal his life’s work; his masterpiece!

I know your inbox is filled with emails of people telling you to watch this or that.

But honestly, if you don’t take a few minutes to see what ‘Forex’ Joe has in store for Forex traders around the world, it’s your loss!

Watch this just-released video right away:

=> Project Tango Video

OU Forex Trader LLC is proud to announce their new launch – coming up in mid-January 2011!

This project is coming from Forex Joe who has been working in Forex markets for 10+ years. Forex Joe and his team have been working on this project all year.

OU Forex Trader Pro or Project Tango will be educational course that answers masses needs in learning how to maneuver in 24/7 $ 3.5 Trillion Dollar a day market.

Options University Forex Trader Pro mission:  Become The Educational Portal of Substance for masses, seeking quality mentorship over a 12-month period or quite simple: The Future in Forex Training Today.

Forex Trader Pro (Project Tango) will be available soon – January 2011. Bookmark this website!!!

As soon as I have more information about Forex Trader Pro (Project tango) I will publish it here.

I know ‘Forex’ Joe personally, and he is, in fact, the ‘Real Deal’. When he speaks, I listen.

So check out this video right away while it is still online, and check out what’s coming around the corner for Forex traders everywhere.

Watch this just-released video right away:

=> Project Tango Video

Here are some words from ‘Forex’ Joe:

“For over 30 years now, I’ve been a sports-betting “scientist.” Developing highly sophisticated formulas, probability algorithms and statistical analysis programs that have proven to “beat the spread” in just about every sports-betting venue.

When I discovered the Forex in 2001, I began to see similarities in the way the sports-betting market and the Forex market work.

I found that many of my mathematical formulas worked “as is” with the Forex, and with a few tweaks to the others in trending markets vs. oscillating markets, they worked as well. I then developed an “exponential growth” bankroll theory for the Forex much like the one that worked so well in the sports betting market.

I then discovered a certain “mathematical flaw” in Forex trading, which I’d obviously like to keep secret for now. But I believe that this “flaw”, along with the correct use of my proprietary Bias and Key Forex Numbers, will create more millionaires in the next decade than from any other financial opportunity in history.”

Watch this just-released video right away:

=> Project Tango Video

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