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Forex Power Group Review | Forex Profits Strategies

Forex Power Group Review

Forex Power Group (FPG) is the name of a new product that is set to revolutionize the forex education market. It is a high-end, comprehensive training program that will have appeal to a broad range of traders. It has been created by well-known forex mentor Casey Stubbs and his team at Winners Edge Trading.

The product is a high-end forex education and membership program. Builds on the successful reputation and existing membership programs already run by Winners Edge Trading

The product is intended to be an extensive forex education and training course but with the added touch of direct mentoring. It includes a membership component that is backed by support from professional traders. It will appeal to a broad range of forex traders – from beginners to advanced.

The product provides much more than just education as it also includes:

- Extensive training resources and instructional videos (delivered in multiple formats: video, PDF, powerpoint and text)

- Interactive and self-paced training with capacity for traders to record their own notes against each tutorial and to monitor individual progress

- 12-months all-inclusive membership

- Access to Live Trading Rooms for all of the 3 main trading sessions (each session lead by experienced traders)

- Detailed trading signals (included are automated signals as well as manual signals as traded by our experienced mentors – signal alerts can be delivered as SMS, email and screen pop-up).

- Mentors trades which are published in the membership dashboard as they happen (with notes and chart screenshots)

- Upcoming News alerts (SMS, email & screen pop-up)

- Community-centered membership area, where comments are welcomed against each tutorial

- Access to the revolutionary Trade on Track software (for advanced trade tracking and analysis)
· Fully integrated with the Trade on Track software to allow proper trader discipline and the real-time monitoring of trading performance and risk

- Access to Trade The News

- Personal attention and support for all clients

- Bonuses and regular planned upgrades

The Forex Power Group is a total solution for anyone looking to become a serious and profitable trader. It is a comprehensive program that gives you everything you need to be a success.

Becoming part of the Forex Power Group will:

Fast-track your forex education
Take you to professional trader level in the quickest possible time
Help you to maintain discipline (which we all know is critical to long-term success)
Assist in achieving your financial and lifestyle goals
Save you from making critical trading errors
Save you from losing your bankroll like the majority of uneducated traders inevitably do
Give you the tools and information needed to make profits
Save you money that you might otherwise have spent on expensive training, signals, alerts, software etc.
Make you feel part of a true community where everyone is working together to achieve success

Today Casey Stubbs is giving away a tool called The Power Indicator that will show you the strongest trending pairs.

This is 100% Free and you can use it forever. Get the Free Power Indicator

Click Here:

==> Free Forex Power Indicator Download Here

The Power Indicator shows you the strongest trends on 4 different time frames.  It  also shows you the top 5 pairs based on each time frame.

Also, there is a video on this page. I recommend watching the entire video because he shows you how he takes trades using the Forex Power Indicator. Casey is about to release even more powerful stuff in the next few days. First he is giving away this trend tool that I believe will be useful for years to come. Second he will be giving away a free traders profile. The traders will be answering questions and then they will receive a specific profile based on their answers. So, stay tuned for more info about Forex Power Group.

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