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Delphi Scalping System And The Hot Time Indicator! | Forex Profits Strategies

Delphi Scalping System And The Hot Time Indicator!

Download these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets by Jason Fielder FREE. Jason Fielder: Remember, most traders have NO idea how to scalp the Forex, and in this video I show clearly how you can take a smaller scalping trade of 10+ pips and turn in into about 100 pips…With absolutely NO additional risk! See for yourself how I use my Delphi Scalper system to make it simple to spot these 10X trades…Oh, and I’ve enabled comments on the page where I’ve posted the video so let me know what you think…Once you watch the video you’ll notice there are a couple other short videos on the same page which show even more of the system in action.

I suggest you watch them as well if you haven’t yet, and make sure you check out my “Hot Time” trade indicator – which you can download for free.

In case you didn’t see them, I’ve sent a few emails about why scalping the Forex can be such a profitable and fun way to trade. And fast… you can be DONE for the day in 90 minutes (that’s the Scalping Lifestyle!). I’ve been getting a ton of great feedback and
questions about ‘how to scalp’ the Forex…So I wanted to make sure you knew that I’m
presenting a special webinar on the Delphi Scalper system on Wednesday (two sessions…) These webinars always fill up, so go register now to secure your spot…On the webinar we’ll be revealing how we  ‘scalp’ using my Delphi System to consistently
target “ultra high probability” trades almost  every day. Here’s what you’re going to learn…

**HOW I think as a system developer (you will learn a TON from this presentation, no matter what kind of trading you do…)

**WHY ANY trader (even a total beginner), can understand Delphi in just one or two trading sessions, and begin taking “ultra high probability” professional caliber trades immediately!

**EXACTLY how it’s been possible for Delphi to pull an average of 7 out of every 10 trades historically, averaging 25 pips per trade (see disclaimer below).

**WHAT makes Delphi so quick to wrap up the trading day (you’re usually done trading within only 90 minutes!) And much more…

You’ll hear how we identify the very best pairs to trade at any given time (they change constantly), the best times to trade, and how we drastically lower our risk on EVERY trade we take. Plus you’ll see for yourself how we ALWAYS know where to enter and exit every trade… before we ever get in! (this is one of the most powerful aspects of Delphi, and a big part of a successful trading plan)

I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback about the videos we’ve posted on Scalping in the last week…Remember, scalping offers tremendous opportunity for profit – IF you know what you are doing and follow a proven system. I’m inviting you to join me for this exclusive webinar  presentation and find out if scalping is for you…and to see how Delphi Scalper could be your secret  weapon, too.

Over 3,600 people registered for my last webinar, and many could not get in – so make sure you register now to assure yourself a spot…

FINALLY – if you are considering Delphi, you are going  to want to make every effort to drop by because we go  LIVE with Delphi on Thursday…BUT – if you attend the webinar, you’ll have priority access, which will secure your copy BEFORE the public can buy, and you’ll get a very special bonus JUST for attending!

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