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Best Forex Trading Strategy – To Make Money Fast and Catch All the Biggest FX Trends and Profits! | Forex Profits Strategies

Best Forex Trading Strategy – To Make Money Fast and Catch All the Biggest FX Trends and Profits!

The Forex trading strategy enclosed is very simple and it will get you in on all the best Forex trends and profits and even better, it takes 30 minutes a day or less to implement the strategy, not many novice traders even consider it but don’t let that bother you the bulk of traders lose money. This strategy is used by pro traders though and is very profitable – let’s take a look at it in more detail.

Most new Forex traders think the way to make profits is to try and buy the exact low, so they try and predict when this might occur, get stopped out and lose. Forex prices cannot be predicted, so if you try it your going to lose money. The pro traders know this, so what they do is focus on buying currencies when the odds are at there best and a quick look at any currency chart, will show you how to enter the market and get in on EVERY major trend and profit.

All the biggest and best bull trends start by breaking resistance and making a new market high and as the trend matures the currency will keep breaking to new highs – so if you want to make the biggest profits when the odds are in your favour, buy breakouts – but which ones do you buy?

The key is to look for levels which have provided strong resistance before the break occurs and this means at least six tests of the level and at least 2 of these tests should be more than 4 weeks apart. In addition, if the news says a break should not be occurring and the vast majority of traders are looking for lower prices the better the trading signal will be and the logic of this of course is 95% of traders lose money.

You miss the low when trading in this manner but you don’t need to worry because you have the odds on your side and if the break is a good one huge profits ahead of you.

Breakout trading can be done by just looking at resistance levels on a chart although, its best to use a couple of momentum oscillators to confirm, the price momentum is strengthening as the break occurs.

You need to be patient and wait for the best opportunities but if you do this and your selective you can easily make triple digit gains quickly and for these reasons, we consider this the best Forex trading strategy for making big gains with the minimum of effort.



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