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Best Forex Trading Site – A Simple Strategy for Huge Gains in 30 Minutes a Day! | Forex Profits Strategies

Best Forex Trading Site – A Simple Strategy for Huge Gains in 30 Minutes a Day!

Best Forex Trading Site

If your looking for the best Forex strategies, the one enclosed is simple to understand and works. The good new is this strategy will always work and will allow you to make big profits, in just 30 minutes a day. It’s also perfect for novice traders as well a seasoned professionals, so let’s take a look at it in more detail.

Traders make the price of any currency and their subject to the emotions of greed and fear. When greed is present, they push prices to far to the upside and when fear is present, they push prices to far to the downside and you can see these price spikes on any chart.

If you look at any chart, you will see these price spikes don’t last long and prices return to more realistic levels.

The strategy we look at here, is called swing trading and will sell into greed in a bull market and buy into fear in a bear market. Let’s look at a simple way to swing trade which anyone can learn and makes huge gains with in 30 minutes a day. We are going to look at the strategy from the point of view of selling into greed but it also works in a bear market too. Best Forex Trading Site

- Watch for a short sharp price spike to the upside and look to see if the market is overbought. To do this, you need to check some momentum indicators and the best are the MACD, the stochastic and the RSI. There all visual and easy to learn, so look them up.

- If the currency is overbought wait for momentum to fall, as prices continue to rise which you use to execute your trading signal.

- Keep in mind, the more overbought the currency is the better the odds are, when you sell, so be patient and only trade extremes.

- Once you have sold, place your stop above resistance and set a target, above support – take you profit and look for the next set up.

Sounds easy?

It is and if you only trade extremes, you will get a few good trading signals which can make you triple digit gains in around 30 minutes a day.

Swing trading works, because human nature will always push prices to far to the upside or downside and if you sell into greed and buy into fear you can make huge Forex profits.

Best Forex Trading Site

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