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A Powerful New Forex Strategy | Forex Profits Strategies

A Powerful New Forex Strategy

Forex Binary Options Can Deliver Massive 1,328% Gains! Forex Binary Options is a tool that 99% of the investing public hasn’t heard about yet. Forex Binary Options are a brand new currency trading tool that is cheap, easy and powerful. In simple terms, Binary Options are a bet whether something will happen or not. It is just like a Yes or No investment.

For example, you can bet on whether EUR/USD rate will fall below 1.3570 or whether AUD/USD rate will rise above 1.0000. Now, if your bet comes out right and EUR/USD rate does fall below 1.3570 or AUD/USD does rise above 1.0000, you collect your original investment plus a profit. If not, you lose the original investment that you had made in the trade.

This payoff is $ 100 per binary options contract. And incase, your bet went wrong, you make $ 0 payoff.

Let’s make it clear with an example. You might have been hearing a lot about the EUR/USD rate going up or down. Right now, suppose, the EUR/USD exchange rate is 1.2380. Suppose, you are confident that this rate will be 1.2430 in the next five days.

It is Monday. So, you buy a EUR/USD binary with a strike of 1.2430 and expiration on Friday at 3.00 PM. You buy this contract for $ 7 only. On Friday at 3PM, EURUSD rate is infact 1.2435. Your account is immediately credited with $ 100 by the broker. How much you made in 5 days on your $ 7 investment? 1,328%!

So, instead of just 1 contract, you buy 30 EUR/USD forex binary options contracts with a strike of 1.2430. How much this will cost? As you bought one contract for $ 7, 30 contracts will cost $ 210. How much you make if the EUR/USD exchange rate ends up above 1.2420? You make $ 3,000 ($ 100*30). Isn’t it nice!

And incase the EUR/USD exchange rate doesn’t go upto 1.2340, you lose your $ 210.

Whatever, binary options are a great new way to profit from the volatility in the market. You can trade half hourly, hourly, daily and weekly binary options.

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